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Aadi Polymers Pvt. Ltd. was started in the year 2009. The company is into manufacturing High Density Foams, Industrial Foams, Mattress Foam, Furniture Foams, Reticulated Foam, Hard Foam, Cushion Foam, etc. which are widely used in the furniture and bedding industry. We promise to deliver first-rate quality products owing to our latest purchased German-based Foaming machine.

We offer our customers the best quality foam at economical prices along with best in class services. The presence of an in-house Lab helps the company to maintain consistency with high standards and quality. Moreover, the Lab also helps in designing new grades and densities to meet technical specifications as well as price valuations as per customer requirements. Aadi Polymer has changed and developed along with the market and industry. We increased our manufacturing capacity and now we are one of India's leading producers of all types of foams.

We are a top manufacturer and exporter. Our selection of polyurethane foam for home furnishings (PU) is made from superior-quality raw materials and meets market needs. In the PU foam sector, we are innovators. We are actively engaged in providing a wide variety of Upholstery Foam with the ongoing assistance of our team of professionals. These goods come in a variety of sizes and forms to accommodate all of our customers' demands. We create these Upholstery Products using methods that have been scientifically validated. Users of our premium foam can rapidly overcome fatigue and feel very comfortable and relaxed.

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Mattress Foam offered by the company are available in wide range which covers different kinds of foams. These products tend to provide high level of comfort and are ultra soft.


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Before foam filling existed, stuffing was used ubiquitously in traditional sofa.


Coir is a material processed from the natural husk of coconuts and bristle coir (the longer fibres).

Down Filling

Composed of tiny tangled filaments, down is the soft, insulating under-plumage of birds.

Feather Filling

Feathers come from the hardier overcoat of birds.


A rarely used, traditional sofa filling, horsehair is collected from trimmed horse tails and manes.

Cotton Wadding

Cotton wadding is produced in sheets made of layers of loosely felted or bonded staple cotton fibres and comes in various weights.